Tuesday, November 16, 2010


We have been to Alaska several times, that is, the Juneau airport. Looking out the large glass windows next to the huge white polar bear, the terrain looks awesomely fierce. This past Sunday evening what a privilege it was to see Alaska from the eyes of someone we think of as a friend, Sarah Palin. She brought us all into her life, and home and what we saw we loved.

From baking cookies, to facing brown grizzly bears to climbing a rock to see Russia? What a wonderful life. You would think why would someone want to get involved in the ugliness of politics and leave the beauty of Wassalia? The only reason I can think of is that the Palins love America.

We are seeing America begin to love the Palins!

These past few weeks have been a roller coaster of events volcano's, murders, politics, scandals, and wars. It is so refreshing to watch a family live their life consistent with their talk.

Last night on "Dancing with the Stars," the underdog Bristol Palin made a very quiet statement, that she believed God has a plan for her life. And in spite of competing in one of the sexiest dance competitions on TV when it comes to the ladies, she has managed to get to the semi-finals, as a lady thanks to her partner, Mark Ballas.

We are seeing a change in the way the world is looking at America. After the elections, we saw the landscape of the political parties turn America red! With spots and patches of blue looking like minor imperfections. We saw millions of people turn up on Washington's doorstep simply to say with Glenn Beck it is time to turn to God.

Naysayers who have written off America as a nation gone pagan, have to rethink what they are seeing. The nation is coming back to God and it feels good and it looks good.

Atheists who proclaim there is no God are questioning themselves once their "good life" is interrupted with financial reversals and illness. There is a shaking in the religous establishment as well, as more and more insincere and immoral leaders are being exposed by themselves and by God giving their congregations a choice - to stay and continue to participate in the ungodliness and unholiness of their influence or leave and look for a church that maintains integrity and preaches from the Bible and not from someone's manual for success.

The unsung heroes of the gospel, the faithful pastors of little churches are finally being recognized for their true spirit of leadership as they say from their pulpits things that are not "politically correct," but morally and spiritually correct.

America coming back to God feels real good!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

THE BIGGEST LOSER by Adelle McKinney

By Adelle McKinney

The resounding loss of the Republican party last night was not because of the efforts, prayers and will of the people, it was because the Republican party leadership in California are part of the "good old boy system." They did not put their strength behind the candidates who could win: McClintock and Devore.

This was the people's opportunity to vote for change in California, but in every Christian voter's recommendation site that we read...we are recommending him/her because we don't want him/her.

That means we did not have a candidate that the people could wholeheartedly support and get excited about. We voted again for the lesser of two evils.

The Republican Party missed their opportunity to have Chuck Devore beat Boxer or McClintock or someone like him beat Jerry Brown.

It looks like the reason was, the Republican party wanted the money of Fiorina and Whitman. They saw they could get paid their salaries by supporting these two rich ladies and not have to work so hard to raise money. And that is true. I don't remember receiving one donation letter from them asking to help the Whitman campaign.

On the last week, I believe the only flyer sent was a generic one giving their recommendations.

As we heard today, on the news, Meg Whitman had to pay her Campaign Manager $800,000 while Jerry Brown paid his campaign manager only $42,000. Apparently Meg's Manager has been campaigning for the last 20 years for her! We forget that the American people are watching and listening?

Who pays their housecleaner $25 an hour? Most Californians who are out of work would die for a job that paid them $25 an hour.

It's time to replace the Republican Party in California of which I was a life long member with a New Republican Party who's foundation is IN GOD WE TRUST.

Next time, we need to pray for an overhaul of the California Republican Party so that they will support good people like Chuck Devore, Tom McClintock, David Truax former Mayor of Covina, who are candidates who can win!

Election 2010 was a wasted opportunity in California. California is not blue because of the people, it is blue because of the party!

Thankfully the voters voted out Prop. 19. Californian's are the best and brightest of the nation! Now, we need the best and brightest to lead the New Republican Party in California!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Sin of Bribery by A. McKinney

"You shall not take a bribe, for a bribe blinds the clear sighted and subverts the cause of the just." Exodus 23:8

I would like to quote from a tremendous book, "Knowing the Economy of God," by Thomas Meaglia. Megalia puts into writing principles of God's economy in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Quote: (page 32) "...the Lord knows that bribes work. People from the beginning of time have used bribes to kill, betray, steal, hurt, destroy, advance politically, gain respect, and every other wicked motive the heart can dream of."

He goes on to say, "Being involved in a bribe is a sin. I know your transgressions are many and your sins are great, you who distress the righteous and accept bribes, and turn aside the poor in the gate."

The great tragedy of the Philippines election 2010 was the use of millions and millions of pisos in bribery for votes. Regardless of the failure of the electronic voting, the miscounting of the ballots, the reluctancy to consider every single vote as important...the greatest tragedy is that the use of bribes to buy votes from the unlearned and the illiterate showed those who are watching that nothing has changed except it is accomplished with the use of multi-million dollar computers.

The Bible says that "the bribe blinds the clear sighted, and subverts the cause of the just."

We understand the the ungodly received bribes and gave bribes in this election. But the tragedy is that those who call thems christians (with a little "c") both gave and received bribes.

The sin on this election has resonated throughout the halls of heaven.

Righteous candidates had nothing to give except a sincere desire to restore the nation to it's standing with God and with the world and as the people opened their flyers and pamplets they asked, "Where is the money?" And there was none. So they threw the pamplet on the ground. As the people who received bribes satisify themselves for a day or two, their sin opens the door for six more long years of financial oppression and depression upon the masses.

In the United States and in 44 nations of the world there are thousands of Christians who had a vested interested in the outcome of this election - for millions of their loved ones and families are suffering from poverty and lack of opportunity. Did they give even a single dollar to support the campaign of candidates who want to promote righteousness and integrity in government?
Or, did they use their hard earned dollars to buy a bigger home, a more expensive car, or the latest designer handbag?

We say we want integrity? But we are not willing to pay the price!

Shame of anyone who voted for a candidate or did not vote for a candidate because he or she received an envelop full of pisos!

If bribery is a sin. The people of the Philippines have committed a national sin.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Election is Over - The Battle to Restore Integrity Continues

Monday, May 10, 2010 the Philippines held it's first computerized national election. Results were almost instantaneous for the computers that worked. However, it was widely reported that thousands of precincts or barrios had nothing but trouble with their systems. So who's to say that this election was 100% accurate! Only the winner!

In every society, when the people begin to mistrust those in authority for legitimate reasons or for reasons credited by an anti-government media, the results or reasons for any decision will be questions, scrutinized and eventually delegated to the conspiracy theorists that are ever lurking in the wings to cause doubt and suspicion.

Since the mid-1960's when one person was able to throw out one of our most important values out of public schools - that is corporate prayer, the generation of children have been subjected to teachings that are almost always without moral compass, values or virtues. It wasn't unit the late 1990's when classrooms became jungles again and confrontation was the name of the game that someone suddenly decided that Character education was needed and necessary in the classroom.

The bully is the cause of the problem. But who created the bully? Children are not naturally born to be bullies. Even the vilest of grownups and adults who commit all kinds of despicable crimes were once sweet and adorable little children.

Society is at fault. The society that decided to turn away from the principles of Godliness and holiness and instead have turn to the gods and goddesses of self pleasure and satisfaction.

Our sick society is the result of good people doing nothing.

The corruption that has pervaded the Philippines is another example of what can happen when good people neglect to vote for righteousness and integrity but rather give way to sentimentality or financial gain or political cronyism.

Good people who worked so hard to effect a positive change - must not give up. Whether your candidate wins or looses - the battle continues. The battle to restore truth and justice and the American Way. What is the American way? It is based on honor, integrity, and Christian and Judeo-Values.

The Election is Over. But the battle to restore integrity continues!